Do you have mobile apps for on the go?

Yes, go to https://www.babystats.org/ and see the different options for tracking.

Are you on Alexa?

Yes, go to babystats.org and click on the Alexa link to enable. You can also view our Alexa Help here Phrases

Are you on Google Assistant?

Yes, go to babystats.org and click on the Google link to enable. You can also view our Google Assistant Help here Phrases

Are you on Bixby?

Yes, go to the Bixby marketplace to enable Baby Stats. You can also view our Bixby Help here Phrases

Why does Google say I'm a guest?

A user's verification status can have a value of GUEST or VERIFIED. At the start of each conversation, Google sets the user's verification status based on a variety of indicators when the conversation starts. As one example, a user logged in to the Google Assistant on their mobile device has a verification status of VERIFIED.
The following are possible reasons for a user to have a verification status of GUEST:
  • The user has personal results turned off.
  • The user disabled their Web & App Activity. Keep in mind that some users may have this setting disabled at the domain level.
  • If a device has Voice Match enabled, and the match fails or the user invokes the Assistant without using their voice (such as a long press on a Google Home).
  • The user isn't signed in.
So, how do you fix?
  • Ensure you have personal results turned on
  • Ensure you have enabled Web & App Activity
  • Ensure you have voice matching configured
    • For every conversation with the Google Home, it attempts to match your voice with a Google Account stored on the device. If there is no trained voice on the device or if there is at least 1 voice trained on the device and its not your voice, it treats you as a GUEST.
  • The above 3 steps need to happen for any Google account you plan to use with Baby Stats. This is because Google Home attempts to recognize a voice, and ties a voice to an account.
  • Invite anyone else.
    • Return to the Google Home app. Then "Invite others who use your devices".
    • Once you complete the registration process on the device and enable voice matching for the second user, Google will no longer treat them as a GUEST. HOWEVER... You now have 2 Baby Stats accounts on the device. One for each Google account you've now configured.
    • The next step will be to link those accounts together. You will need to tell Baby Stats how to join those accounts together.
  • Link all your Baby Stats accounts together.
    1. 1.
      On the first account, say "Ok Google, talk to baby stats to get ID." this will return to you an identifier that us your unique account numnber for Baby Stats.
    2. 2.
      Open up the Google Assitant on the second account (it's easiest to use their phone and type)
      1. 1.
        "Ok Google, talk to baby stats to set ID ####", where #### is the unique ID from the main account.
      2. 2.
        More information on data sharing is here. Data Sharing.

How do I set my ID or share with other devices?

Yep, you can share your ID with any device or any account.
Last modified 3yr ago