Our Mission

Our mission is to help make lives easier for parents. We aim to change the baby tracking industry with an extreme focus on the parents by making the following promises.

  1. We will always be a free product, and will never charge micro-transactions just to make a quick buck.

  2. We care deeply about your privacy.

    1. We do not have you create a username and instead auto generate one (called an ID). This ensures we never store any private information.

    2. We will never ask you for an email address to use our services.

    3. We will never ask you for private information to use our services.

    4. We will never market to you.

  3. We will always do our best to change the product for you. Ask us as [email protected] and we will enhance based on your needs.

  4. Your data is yours. You can export the data from the website, or tell us to delete your data and we will.

  5. We will provide an API for tech minded parents so they can build smart nurseries on-top of Baby Stats.