Sharing Data

Baby Stats lets you share your data with other people, mobile apps, or other voice assistants. Because we care very much about your privacy we use an ID that is auto generated instead of accepting an email address or user name. This protects you from giving us any private information. You can use this ID like you would us a normal username/password combination. An ID is generated for each account and you can enter that ID into our mobile apps, or use it to sync with other voice assistants.
On any platform you can ask Baby Stats to get ID. The response will say something like, "Your ID is #####". This is the account for that device.
To share with another account, you say: ask Baby Stats to get ID to retrieve the ID for that account.
Go to the second device and say "ask Baby Stats to set ID #####", the follow the confirmation to set it. Once you do the accounts will be linked together, and saying "ask Baby Stats to get ID" will return the same result. If you ever accidentally link to an incorrect account you can say "restore ID" to restore it to the previous account.
It is recommended to type the ID if you can. On Google Assistant and Bixby you can type very easily. On Alexa you can speak it. Each digit needs to be spoken individually, so if your ID was "12345" you would say "ask Baby Stats to set ID one two three four five", and you'll have to speak fast and clear, and it'll probably take a try or 2 but you'll be able to. It's recommended to treat Alexa as the master and set the ID on another device though.
Last modified 3yr ago